Lorenzo is a professional skier, adventurer and influencer who never stands still. Born to and raised by a mountain guiding and ski instructor family in Italy, skiing comes natural to him and has always been his biggest passion and source of motivation to go beyond his limits. Lorenzo started skiing when he was only 3 years old, and by the age of 8 he was already training for, and competing in, national and international Alpine skiing races. After the racing career he became an Alpine Ski Instructor and Professional skier. In recent years Lorenzo has been following his “nothing is unskiable” philosophy, by travelling the world together with his four-legged friend Argo, and skiing down inaccessible snow canals, rock surfaces, sand, grass and even volcanic ash. When Lorenzo is not out on a new adventure exploring the most remote corners of the planet, he trains kids and teens, inspiring them to love and respect nature and sharing with them the unique feeling of freedom that comes from skiing. Lorenzo’s life is all about snow, adventure and friends, you can follow his trips here on his website or on his social media channels.